Increasing automation capabilities in motor vehicles have resulted in trust becoming a significant factor with respect to vehicle safety and driver and passenger experience. Although many futurists see automation's impact on improving safety to be significant, neither automated systems nor humans are infallible. Thus, trust in automated vehicles should be calibrated. Depending on circumstances and capabilities, calibration of appropriate trust levels can prevent both misuse (automation used beyond its capabilities) and disuse (automation not used to the full extent of its capabilities). Trust issues can hinder the success of autonomous vehicles in various ways. First, the advantages of automated driving, such as increased safety or throughput, can only become reality if the systems are accepted, trusted and frequently used by drivers. On the other hand, some users already seem to place too much trust in lower levels of automation. For example, many drivers enable adaptive cruise control in scenarios in which it is not appropriate. The first reported casualty in autonomous driving (Tesla Autopilot 2016) is suspected to be the result of placing too much trust in the AV system in an inappropriate situation. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a system informs the user about which tasks the system is most suited to perform using automated approaches and those that might require manual intervention  This information and an appropriately generated mental model increases the user’s confidence  in the system and should lead them to use it to its full capability. 


This workshop will address contemporary issues surrounding trust in technology in the challenging and constantly changing context of autonomous vehicles. In particular, this workshop focuses on two main aspects: (1) appropriate definitions of trust and associated concepts in the context of autonomous driving  especially regarding trust calibration in individual capabilities versus overall trust; (2) appropriate measures (qualitative and quantitative) to quantify trust in autonomous vehicles and in-vehicle experiences.

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When and Where?

Sunday, September 23

9:00AM - 1:00PM


AutoUI 2017

Oldenburg, Germany


Following the keynote given by a well-known person in the field of vehicle safety, researchers will present interesting position papers that shape the basis for discussions in various break-out groups.